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About Us


Founded in 2012, Gestintur is a specialized company adapted to provide the best solutions to every problem in the tourism sector. We work to meet the objectives of our clients in a custom way, adapting to the profile and particular needs of each hotel.
Our team has extensive experience and knowledge of the sector, this allows us to access the most profitable opportunities, both from the point of view of asset management, and offer the most personalized advice in our consulting and training services.


RH Hoteles
RH Hotels Representation of its expansion departments
SGR Reciprocal Guarantee Service of the Valencian Community
JM Hoteles
JM Hotels Repositioning one of its hotels
Hotel Al Zaraq
Al Zaraq Hotel Analysis and valuation of property
La Marina Group
La Marina Group Valuation of the property
Blusea Hotels
Blusea Hotels Search of establishments